Determining Network Cabling & Wiring Needs

Determining your network cabling and wiring needs begins with your current bandwidth and of course your network environment. From there it will be necessary to consider whether or not you will need any changes in bandwidth and/or technology in the future. Based on the type of technology your organization employs Carlson Cabling, Inc. will then go on to assess which type of wiring best suits those needs all the while paying heed to your timeline and budget.

Network Cabling & Wiring Options

After your organization's networking needs have been determined it is a simple matter for Carlson Cabling to determine which type of computer and telephone cabling best suits them. There is a significant difference between computer and telephone cabling (i.e. CAT 5, CAT 5e or CAT 6, fiber optics) based on the manner in which the specific conveyance (cable/wiring) handles crosstalk, network support and bandwidth.

After those needs have been assessed it will be necessary to take such things as wire management and patch panel termination into account. Carlson Cabling, Inc. has been doing business in Chicago for more than two decades and is your one source solution to all your networking solutions from planning to final installation. Whether you are changing locations or upgrading your current network cabling and wiring, contact us today for fast and reliable service.


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