Analog vs. Digital Phone Installation

Carlson Cabling can provide digital phone installation services to help your business take advantage of more advanced digital capabilities. Since the days of Alexander Graham Bell, analog telephone service was the industry standard and for the most part remains so today. Unfortunately, there are some inherent problems with analog phone service from a business perspective in that calls are far from secure and outdated wiring systems need to be installed to handle large volumes of telephone traffic, voice or data. With the advent of digital voice and data technology, companies are now able to handle much higher call volume without compromising security. Digital phone technology sends signals to the receiver in binary code which can be encrypted to ensure secured conversations and data transmission.

Advantages of Digital Technology

While it is true that a digital phone installation may cost a bit more than an analog system, digital technology is far superior. Not only is it more secure and capable of handling larger call volumes, but a digital phone installation integrates more easily with your current networking system. Keep in mind that the binary transmissions of a digital phone installation are much like the binary code recognized by your computer network. There really is only one disadvantage to a digital phone system and that is in a slight decrease in quality of sound, but that is compensated for in clarity and noise reduction.

Carlson Cabling, Inc. can provide solutions to your telephone woes by helping you to determine if a digital phone installation will solve your company's problems handling incoming and outgoing voice/data volume as well as in establishing secure connections. Whether your organization handles sensitive communications or simply too much traffic to handle effectively with an analog system, consider upgrading to digital phone technology.

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